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A little about me. I come from a military background that empressed on me many of my beliefs and fundementals that follow me today. I was in the automation industry for almost a decade until I decided it wasn’t right for me and, more importantly, not how I wanted to spend my time. Fast forward to now. I am a full stack developer that aims to be a part of something meaningful and outrageous. That feeling of accomplishment and being part of a team are things that make me feel right at home.

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I decided that, while my career was in a very good place, I wouldn't be happy doing that for the long term. After some self reflection, I decided to pursue something I had been intrigued by since I was a kid and more intrested in for several years now - Software Development. I chose to attend Austin Coding Acedemy and currently I'm employed as a teaching assistant / tutor for their accelerated Full Stack Development program.


Started working at BAE Systems doing Automation and Controls. I quickly took advantage of opportunities and got involved in more collatoral duties on top of my normal day-to-day job. This included energy related projects aimed at increased savings as well as large scale project management for many campus projects such as a gym remodel, redesigning and remodeling manufacturing lines, and managing the construction of Secret (clearance) rooms. This was a unique experience and allowed me to bring forward many managerial and leadership skill sets gained in the Marine Corps while letting me advance my knowledge in Automation and Controls.


After leaving my Marine Corps life behind (but never forgetting it), I went to work at Automated Logic Corporation (ALC). Here I continued on the technical track and went on to learn HVAC Controls and Automation. This consisted of knowing the electrical, mechanical, HVAC theory, networking, databases, and programming portions of the job. Very enjoyable jack-of-all-trades position.


Enlisted in the U.S. Marines and got to travel the world. I was trained as a Ground Radio Repairman, and then later on as a Ground Satellite Repairman. During these times, I was deployed twice to Fallujah and Ramadi during the heart of the war. Completed Cpl's Course and Sgt's Course as well as earned numerous other awards. Anyone who knows me also knows that this period defines me more than any other. From the humor to the mission dedicated mentality, it's very much so a large part of who I am.

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If you want to reach me for questions, work, or collaborate over new ideas then shoot something my way. I would love to help or do a joint project with someone and learn something new. Reach Out!